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Firmenverkäufe / Targets

Corporate Succession for Manufacturer of Thermoplastics
LARS is a German manufacturer of thermoplastic devices for industry and end consumers. The family-owned business – established in the 1940s – is located in East Germany and caters to the electronics, automotive, plant manufacturing, and media technology industries. The company has highly skilled employees and co-operates with universities and the Fraunhofer Institute to develop new materials. In order to sustain the company’s growth, the owner and directors have commenced a structured process for owner succession. For an investor interested in establishing a manufacturing and design footprint in proximity to prestigious clients, LARS is an interesting entrance door to the German market. A strategic investor might benefit from existing business relations, and from the great experience and knowledge in the production of thermoplastics. An Indian investor with a broad business approach, promising synergy, and a willingness to further grow the business will be highly welcomed. More information

PCB-Manufacturing (Prototyping, Small Batches)
PATRICK is a small specialist for manufacturing of bare Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) of up to 16 layers. The value-added-chain comprises the feasibility analysis of a given circuit, layout design, manufacturing, and testing. The company’s USP is the high product quality, the usage of special materials and the application of special production processes. Given these capabilities, PATRICK caters to customers in safety relevant areas and with exacting demands that operate in areas like medical technology, test equipment, aerospace, automotive development and light- and sound technology. The company was started by today’s chairman 31 years ago who still owns the majority of shares. Considering his age, the chairman plans to retire. In despite of PATRICK’s profitability, both shareholders want to sell 100% of their shares. The shareholders are looking for an investor operating in the same industrial sector. Given PATRICK’s profile and capability as a high quality manufacturer of small to medium volumes, the conjunction with a volume-producer can be an attractive concept. More information


Indian Partners Wanted for Sales and Distribution of Industrial Fasteners
A German market leader of technical fasteners for automotive and for general industrial applications is looking for partners in India for sales and distribution. The company, after entering the Indian market in 2011, wants to expand the existing business. A prospective partners should already avail of a reliable business set-up in a tier-I city. More information


Hochwertige Büroflächen in einer Indien-affinen Bürogemeinschaft in Berlin-Mitte nahe Unter den Linden
UBF.B GmbH bietet für kurz- und mittelfristigen Bedarf Büroflächen zur Untermiete an. Angeboten wird weiterhin ein Sekretariatsservice, IT Unterstützung, Übersetzungen, Rechtsanwalts- und Steuerberatungsdienstleistungen, allgemeine Standortwechselhilfe – all dies mit englischsprachigen Fachkräften und zugeschnitten auf Ihren Bedarf. Unser Alleinstellungsmerkmal ist die Affinität zur Deutsch-Indischen Wirtschaft und Politik. More information


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